sashimi grade tuna tartare, kohlrabi slaw avocado, sweet fermented chili, scallions
soft mozzarella, slow roasted tomatoes, grilled artichokes, torn flat bread, olives (v) add artisan cured prosciutto
prosecco tempura, sweet red pepper romesco, crispy parsley, house lemon oil
Buffalo with bleu cheese
Bistro with fermented chili sauce
Hand cut breaded mozzarella wedges, marinara dipping sauce, crispy parsley (v)
Ricotta cheese and Buffalo Chicken Stuffed, bleu cheese and house ketchup sauce
house made pork & beef blend, burrata cheese, shaved pecorino, toasted bread
Calabrian chili & garlic rub, house tzatziki, warm pita*
sauteed broccoli rabe, garlic & oil, sweet Italian sausage, poached cannellini beans, shaved pecorino cheese, grilled bread
creamy artichoke, organic spinach & arugula dip, mozzarella, grilled pita bread (v)
Shaven asiago & mozzarella cheeses, fire grilled artichokes, slow roasted tomatoes, kale pesto
Garlic shrimp, alfredo sauce, mozzarella blend,
chili oil, scallions
Shaved parmesan, Fontina cheese, arugula, pickled red onion,
fig jam, crispy sage
Crushed tomato, mozzarella & smoked blue cheese blend,
caramelized onions, shredded short ribs
smoked bleu cheese, hard boiled egg, crushed bacon
organic harvest greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onion
chef’s selection
cucumbers, kalamata, heirloom, feta
classic local favorite
artisan lettuce, house croutons, shaved pecorino, creamy Caesar

add grilled chicken | add salmon* | add shrimp | add steak*

dressings: bleu cheese, balsamic, house vinaigrette, lemon oil

Pepper crusted bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, avocado, lemon aioli, toasted sourdough
8oz black angus blended short rib & chuck, charred four onion caponata, house burger sauce, potato bun*
add cheese, add bacon, add mushrooms
Gruyere & cheddar cheeses, onion caponata, pulled short ribs, grilled sourdough, demi-glace
Wing sauce tossed chicken breast, crumbled bleu cheese, ranch drizzle, fried onions, cheddar cheese blend, crusty long roll
Grilled chicken breast, shaven parmesan, chopped Romaine, creamy Caesar dressing
Hand breaded chicken breast, prosciutto, wild arugula, roasted pepper romesco, soft mozzarella, focaccia
Gruyere & aged cheddar, pepper crusted bacon, tomato, avocado, sourdough
House pork & beef blend, marinara, shaven pecorino, toasted long roll
8oz choice chuck, pepper crusted bacon, applewood smoked bleu cheese, onion caponata, whiskey demi-glace, potato bun*
Fire roasted tomatoes, red leaf romaine, creamy basil pesto, toasted long roll
Slow roasted Mediterranean tomatoes, grilled artichokes, olive tapenade, feta cheese, romaine, warm pita, tzatziki (v)
Sweet Italian sausage, garlic & olive oil, shaven aged pecorino, toasted long roll
Shaved steak, melted provolone or cheddar, caramelized onions, sweet peppers*
Avocado, pepper bacon, provolone, harvest greens, tomato, lemon aioli, flour tortilla wrap

Served With Fries or Garden Salad

pecorino, fettuccini
add shrimp | add chicken | add broccoli
10 oz Boston strip, crumbled bleu cheese, mushrooms, onions, whipped potatoes, sauteed spinach*
broccoli rabe, roasted tomato
egg washed chicken, lemon, white wine
shell pasta, cheese blend
sauteed chicken scallopines, mushrooms
breaded chicken, mozzarella, marinara
organic farm cheese, basil pesto
white shrimp, garlic, butter, lemon, wine
chicken, sausage, hot peppers, tomato
marinara sauce

Served With Choice of Soup or Side Salad

*Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood shellfish and eggs reduces the risk of foodborne illness. Please tell your server of any food allergies you or anyone in your party may have.

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